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Robert Price was born in Carshalton in 1952. After leaving school, he took an apprenticeship in engineering, eventually becoming a Production Engineer. It was during this time he attended evening classes in watercolour painting and found he had a natural aptitude for it and after enjoying some early success he gave up his job in 1989 and began working seriously in watercolour full time. Since then many of his paintings have been exhibited in various exhibitions and galleries in Sussex some of them ending up in private collections in the USA. Then in 2001, he moved near to the west coast of Wales, which has given him new inspiration in his work. After a number of one-man exhibitions, his work is becoming more popular, so in 2007 he decided to publish many of his paintings as Fine Art Prints, all of which are available from this website.


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A Note From the Artist


I can honestly say that until I was in my mid thirties I was almost oblivious to watercolours, I had attended art classes at school and had enjoyed them but that was about the extent of my experience. Then my wife suggested that we went along to a session of evening classes on watercolour painting, that was the worst thing I could have done, I was hooked. In my efforts to grapple with the medium I started to look at work by other artists and was amazed at the variety of styles and techniques used by them, artists like Jack Merriott, Edward Wesson, Roland Hilder, John Blockley, Richard Bolton, Charles Reid and many many more, all of whom I greatly admire. In my frustration to tame the medium I tried all sorts of techniques, carefully noting the effects that I could achieve with each method. There was spattering for texture, wax for masking, sponges for dabbing, salt for speckling, waterproof inks for mottled textures, scraping, sandpapering, masking fluid to preserve highlights, wet in wet, wet on dry, back run effects, lifting out, glycerine to extend the drying time of a wash, gum Arabic to give the paint extra body, glazing, dry brushing and many more all of which at some point I have tried, and most of which I now rarely use. In the end, I concluded that the basic watercolour techniques that I can achieve with a brush some paint and water yielded the best results. My early paintings tended to be loose and impressionist in style, most of which ended up in the bin much to the frustration of my wife. However, with perseverance I feel I have mastered the medium, if that is at all possible as it still surprises me and teaches me not to be complacent. Over the years, I have found that I enjoy painting pictures with a feeling of detail in them and I have grown to love watercolour painting, it never ceases to frustrate and amaze me. Putting my pictures into print has been a real pleasure, since once the original has been sold the picture is no longer available for anyone else to see or own including myself and it has been exciting to find myself surrounded once more with pictures I have loved painting, I hope you enjoy them to.


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